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Advocacy & Community Outreach

Navigating the intricacies of public sector communications requires a specialized approach, and at Funk/Levis, our Advocacy and Community Outreach services are tailored to address these complexities with both efficiency and impact.

Navigating the intricacies of public sector communications requires a specialized approach, and at Funk/Levis, our Advocacy and Community Outreach services are tailored to address these complexities with both efficiency and impact. Whether it’s rallying behind social causes, boosting community engagement, or guiding public campaigns, our close collaboration with public sector clients ensures a seamless alignment with their mission. We leverage our expertise to cultivate meaningful connections with your community through targeted outreach strategies, ensuring your advocacy initiatives are heard and embraced by engaging with the people who matter most.


Leverage comprehensive research methodologies as our agency, alongside skilled contractors, conducts insightful surveys and engaging focus groups to uncover valuable insights, refine strategies and make informed decisions. 


Develop a winning political strategy tailored to your objectives with our deep understanding of political landscapes to navigate challenges and achieve success in your advocacy efforts.


Drive support for public initiatives with specialized campaigns for bonds and levies, designed to garner community backing and secure public approval for critical projects.


Manage the legal complexities of political advocacy with our expertise in establishing and guiding Political Action Committees, ensuring your organization has a sturdy platform for impactful political engagement.


Streamline the administrative process with our assistance in securing Secretary of State approval, allowing your advocacy initiatives to move forward swiftly and in compliance with regulatory requirements and the law.


Make a lasting impression with compelling campaign materials designed to resonate with your stakeholders, combining creativity and strategic messaging to effectively communicate your advocacy goals.

Sample Work

Eugene Emeralds

Eugene Emeralds When Eugene’s much-loved baseball team The Emeralds needed to engage the community and government partners to support a new stadium, they called on Funk/Levis to join the team. Funk/Levis worked closely with Emeralds management to help design an engagement strategy and outreach plan including grassroots communications, key influencers Read More

Pleasant Hill & Goshen Fire Departments

Pleasant Hill & Goshen Fire Departments When the Pleasant Hill & Goshen Fire Departments needed a partner to help them pass a consolidation and permanent tax rate measure, they hired us to navigate the complexities of this campaign. Our team worked with local county leaders and election officials to get Read More
Elk Creek Forest Products logo

Elk Creek Forest Products

Elk Creek came to Funk/Levis to update their image, brand and digital assets to use as a portal for their customers. Our team worked with them to create a more engaging and updated look and color palette to match their unique and targeted customer engagement Read More

Kidney Care of Oregon

Kidney Care of Oregon Kidney Care of Oregon, formally known as Eugene Springfield Nephrology, came to our team to update their name, branding, website and materials to expand their regional work. We developed a more reflective and inclusive brand for the organization with offices throughout the Willamette Valley and then Read More

Lane County Parks Levy

Lane County Parks Levy When Lane County decided to place on the November 2022 ballot its first-ever local option levy request to support Lane County Parks, they turned to Funk/Levis for help with a countywide information campaign.  The team developed a strategy to reach voters with information about the proposed measure, the projects Read More

City of Florence

The City of Florence came to Funk/Levis with an outdated and complicated logo that was no longer satisfying their needs or reflecting their current internal work and their external brand perception. We worked with the city to create an updated logo that more accurately represents the up-and-coming town in Lane Read More

Lane County Health & Human Services

Our partnership with this more than 800 person and 10 division department of Lane County has been extensive, effective and valued. We have worked to brand efforts, create engaging materials, and create strategic outreach materials including videos, podcasts and webpages. Our efforts have been targeted to both internal and external Read More


After an extensive RFQ process, we were hired to be the strategic partner for the Upper Willamette Soil & Water Conservation District, a small and virtually unknown public agency in the area. The agency is engaged in the protection of the environment in a portion of Lane County. They were Read More

City of Beaverton

The City of Beaverton had engaged in a very public and failed attempt to annex a large corporation into its city limits, which created a negative perception of the city. During this time, the city had grown from a suburb of Portland to an economic powerhouse with a redeveloped downtown Read More

Women’s Care

Supporting the health and wellness of women throughout Eugene and Springfield, Women’s Care physicians and staff work to provide the highest level of care for all of their patients. Women’s Care hired Funk/Levis to create new branding and develop a strategic plan for advertising and marketing the practice. We’ve worked consistently Read More

Timber Products

Timber Products produces a variety of wood products through their sustainable manufacturing. They came to us looking to create consistency across their marketing materials, update their brand to connect with new audiences and drive their Read More

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom, a comprehensive wealth management and planning firm, was looking to position itself for growth and expansion into new markets. Our team was hired to partner with the firm to create a new brand identity that would match the organization’s values and help propel their Read More