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City of Beaverton


The Background

The City of Beaverton had engaged in a very public and failed attempt to annex a large corporation into its city limits, which created a negative perception of the city. During this time, the city had grown from a suburb of Portland to an economic powerhouse with a redeveloped downtown core. The old Beaverton logo honored the city’s 1993 centennial and didn’t reflect what the city had become or the city’s future. Beaverton needed a new, updated brand under new city leadership.

The mayor and internal management team knew they had a lot of work to do to regain the trust of the businesses in town and also improve the city’s perception in the state and throughout the Northwest. Following an exhaustive statewide search, the city contracted with Funk/Levis to create its new brand and help re-introduce this upscale community to key constituencies.

The Challenge

Develop and launch a new brand identity that reflects the unique personality and amenities of the City of Beaverton.

The Solution

We began by identifying key values of the city through a brand workshop to create a comprehensive understanding of the organization, the community and its mission. Our team then used online perception surveys and target audience interviews to understand residents’ perceptions of the city. Through these efforts, we were able to get a broad range of stakeholder perceptions and identify key themes that could be reflected in the city’s new branding efforts.

Based on our insights, we created a new brand foundation and brand identity centered on – The Best of Oregon, which captured the essence of what Beaverton represented by its diversity, employment, leadership and community.

The Results

The new visual style was well received by the community and has been used across the city’s marketing materials. The brand identity has grown and gained traction and has proven to be timeless as the city continues to grow and develop.