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The Value of a Social Calendar Blog

When it comes to social media and what it can mean for your business, things can feel tricky, fast. It’s important to determine your strategy for posting and how each communication represents your brand while maintaining the golden rule of quality over quantity. Once those guidelines have been set, the most critical part is creating a social calendar to help consistently roll out your content.

Why a social calendar?

We’ve all been down this road before – your business needs to post more regularly on social media and suddenly you have no content, you’re out of ideas and you feel stuck. Creating a customizable calendar suited to your needs can be crucial in the world of socials. With a set schedule, the ability to plan posts ahead of time and the feeling of flexibility that comes with creating content at your own pace can result in creative and strategic freedom. Preparing weeks or months in advance can aid in developing that beneficial rhythm that makes your business thrive.

What is a social calendar?

A customizable, unique, social calendar is a useful tool to manage and coordinate your social media and its content in one place. It can be within any organizational or scheduling platform that is the best fit for your company, but it is essential that all your ideas, captions and information about content should be in one place. And when we say calendar – it doesn’t need to literally be a calendar! Google Workspace and Later are both free tools that have scheduling structures built in. At the end of the day, it’s up to you what works best and keeps your business organized and ahead of schedule.

Where do I start?

There are plenty of virtual social platform tools at your disposal, both free and paid. There will always be limited access to some resources when utilizing free tools, but they can still make a big difference in systematizing and creating content. Here at Funk/Levis, we have experience in constructing and executing social plans for all kinds of different businesses and their needs. We can help you as well; our knowledge and assistance ranges anywhere from producing full-blown social plans to simply helping monitor your accounts, community reactions and metrics.

Make sure to check your scheduling calendar regularly. The world and needs of your audience can change and it’s important to always take into account how your content, tone, voice and graphics reflect the times.

How will this benefit my business?

If you’ve taken a peek at our other blogs, the value of having a social media presence is noticeable for the brands who utilize it and those who don’t. Posting frequently means consistent content that is more likely to be noticed. Social media is different across multiple platforms and a plan can assist in cross-posting and scheduling. Preparing those plans a few weeks to a month or so in advance gives breathing room to brainstorm and experiment with the what, why, how and when of posting. Once you fall into that rhythm, routine posting will quickly demonstrate how useful your customizable calendar really is.

Social media can sometimes feel hard, but with the right tools, it becomes easier to navigate. A little organization and creativity can go a long way and a calendar is exactly what you need to kickstart your social growth. Contact us today for any of your social media needs.