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Visual communication is the use of photographic and graphic elements to convey concepts and information. Tools like iconography, animation, illustration and data visualization better help demonstrate a message to your audience. Communication in general has become streamlined with the rise of the digital world. Social media channels have become the most efficient way to engage today’s audiences. This has made communication simple and fast. In a society of fast, direct communication, advertising has become mass-produced. Visual communication is often diminished to social media posts, but it is much more. At Funk/Levis & Associates, we are here to help you keep up in a world of content overload. Our team creates connotative graphics with current communication styles in mind to efficiently reach your target viewers.

Today’s audiences do not have the time nor attention span to look deeper into what is being marketed to them. In one of Microsoft’s studies, they discovered that since the year 2000 average attention spans have dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds because of the increased popularity of social media communication channels. When marketing something, it is crucial to be direct and concise. At Funk/Levis, this is what we do best. Our team of graphic designers create visually appealing representations of whatever your message may be. We curate designs that help you reach your goals while keeping your brand image in mind. Once you have picked the perfect graphic, our team will curate a strategy to reach your target audience. With our personalized technique, the viewer will be engaged before you lose their attention.

Attention spans are shorter than ever, so marketers have to communicate accordingly. No matter what type of graphic, it must be visually appealing and on brand with a clear message. This also applies to videos. Whether it be a website video or a product promotion video, it is crucial to put the important information at the beginning with the expectation that attention will dissipate as the video goes on. Specifically when it comes to promotional videos, which should be no longer than 30 seconds. Website layouts themselves can work alongside photos and videos to visually communicate themes. Website design must be methodical in regards to the layout and built with the user experience in mind. When there are photos and videos on the website they must have a cohesive and aligned message. Graphics need to be used as a communication tool to direct the audience to the website’s resources. All of these elements need to follow the visual hierarchy so that the audience can be informed and directed quickly to the available resources.

When graphic design is not thought out, we lose the audience’s attention before any message is communicated. Quality design is a necessary part of communication. Our team’s visual communication expertise gives you the power to convey your message with the right visual to meet the need. We have the ability to communicate a message with your specific personality and style. With our methodical design strategies, Funk/Levis is able to aid you in putting your best foot forward while conveying the right information. Reach out to us for more information about how graphic design can get your name out there! When you have a team like we do, a picture is truly worth a thousand sales.