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Why is a Social Media Presence Valuable?

What is social media?

Social media is made up of online sites and applications where people and organizations can create content, present their brands and participate in social networking. People often have their first impression of others online, which makes social media a virtual storefront. By having a good virtual storefront, an organization is able to efficiently communicate directly to the audience and create a strong online community. For these reasons, social media is a great way to build and engage your desired audience.

Isn’t my website enough?

Websites are formal online platforms that an organization can use to promote and sell its products, services and offerings. While a website is crucial for good business, there is much you can do on social media that cannot be done with a website. Social media accounts create more personality and allow an audience to connect on a deeper level with an organization than what is possible on a website. It enables the organization to present whatever they want to its audience. For example, an organization can make posts that reach a specific group within your target audience on social media that encourages them to view your website.

What are the benefits of social media?

Social media allows organizations to approach advertising in new ways with different budget options. Allowing for connection on a more personal level means consumers can willingly follow you as they feel more personally invested with your organization than they would through an advertisement. A social media presence gives organizations the opportunity to connect with their community and answer questions in real-time, something highly valued in today’s market when choosing where to invest their time and money.

How does social media grow an organization?

Social media opens the door to easy two-way communication between organizations and potential consumers. Companies can present their information and anyone can respond with any questions. While this efficient communication between an audience and an organization helps people learn, it also helps businesses or organizations grow. Simply by people engaging with an organization’s social media page, the organization will grow. People who like, comment or share posts make that post show up on the feeds of their friends. This grows the audience to people with similar interests without forcing it upon them. In a sense, it gives an unofficial third-party endorsement for your brand. Presenting your brand on social media and having supporters share their honest opinion gives a realistic understanding of what the organization can do for new customers. This is how previous customers organically become brand ambassadors.