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Santiago Uceda

Fun Facts
  • Everyone in his house is left handed
  • He was born on Christmas Eve which means he doesn't usually celebrate his birthday

Santiago joins the Funk/Levis team with over two decades of experience in design, illustration and motion graphics, and is skilled at crafting compelling visual narratives. His love for the creative process fuels his passion for producing enjoyable and memorable experiences.

Born in Lima, Peru, Santiago’s work is influenced by Peruvian culture, his experiences as an immigrant to the U.S. and the vibe and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest where he now lives. His work has been recognized by American Illustration, Latin American Illustración & International Motion Arts Awards. He has been featured in magazines, posters, apparel, murals, animations and more.

Santiago Uceda’s True Colors

Santiago's primary True Color is green, reflecting his emphasis on balance, growth, and harmony. In the workplace, he is a reliable and calming force, valuing stability. Santiago's orange side reveals a creative and adventurous streak, making him ever-ready to take on new challenges. His blue component shines through in his knack for building strong relationships with clients and team members.