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Jason Anderson

Senior Designer

Fun Facts
  • His high school graduating class included all of 12 students.
  • He is part of the "tiny house movement" and owns a 420 sq.ft. home along the McKenzie River.
  • He has been playing electric guitar since he was 12 and enjoys learning luthiery in his spare time.
Favorite Things
  • Driving and restoring vintage Volkswagens
  • Hiking and photographing Oregon's wilderness areas
  • Spending time with friends while sampling local microbrews

Jason holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Oregon State University. He first came to Funk/Levis as an intern in 1998, displaying a knack for learning new technologies and exploring innovative ways of thinking that quickly got him hired as a full-time employee.

Jason is a well-rounded designer and over the years has worked in all forms of media. He brings a sharp wit and keen eye for excellence in design, ensuring that each piece meets the highest standards. He’s never lost his passion for learning new techniques and ways of thinking about his field.

Outside of work, Jason can be found in or under a vintage Volkswagen, standing behind a guitar, elbow deep in yard work or hiking down a forest path.

Jason Anderson’s True Colors

Green is the dominant color in Jason's profile, which means he is a creative problem solver and values objective understanding over rash decision-making. He tackles every project with accuracy, logic and exceptional attention to detail.

With gold as his secondary color, Jason is loyal, dependable and prefers time to plan ahead whenever possible. The orange attributes in his personality allow him to be flexible and adaptable in tight-turnaround situations.