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Dillon Gemmell

Fun Facts
  • He learned how to drum from the backup drummer of KISS
  • He met his wife in a river within the Muir Wilderness while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail
  • He was introduced to Paul Simon as “Freshly,” still awaiting the standout single
Favorite Things
  • Sea creatures and bioluminescence
  • Fixing things that are broken
  • The first half of a roadtrip

As a native of Eugene, Oregon, Dillon has observed the city continuously refine itself alongside his own professional progression. At an early age, he discovered his passion for visual storytelling, setting the stage for an engaging career in the creative industry. After receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of San Diego, Dillon embarked on a journey that took him from the bustling Diamond District in New York City to the vibrant creative scene of Portland, Oregon. During that time, he honed his skills in marketing and brand development while working in the post-production industry, gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of the creative production process for a diverse portfolio of national and international brands. With an appetite for new experiences, Dillon moved to Göttingen, Germany to expand his horizons while working in the digital marketing space. Returning to his roots in Eugene, Dillon is thrilled to contribute directly to the local community’s vibrancy. With expertise in creative production, brand development, and digital marketing, he brings extensive experience to the Eugene-Springfield area.

Dillon Gemmell’s True Colors

Dillon stands out with a True Color of blue, making him an ideal Account Manager! His commitment to genuine relationships and creative flair sets him apart. Dillon effortlessly builds authentic rapport with clients and brings a calm, good-natured balance to the team.

His green presents itself in his relentless pursuit of learning and improvement, grounded in hard facts that support his innovative ideas. Finally, Dillon's gold and orange elements are showcased in his adept navigation of complex problems and his strong work ethic.