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Lexy Neale

Fun Facts
  • She's a classically trained pianist of 20 years
  • She met her fiancé in a musical
  • She has three squash-faced cats named Gnocchi, Hobgoblin and Bonk!
Favorite Things
  • Anime
  • Disc golfing with my partner
  • Being able to perform!

While born in Washington, Lexy lived in multiple states before settling in Eugene, Oregon, for the last 13 years. She is a classically trained pianist and her passion for the arts led her to a job with a local YouTuber, where her interest in all things media and production blossomed. After her time there, Lexy joined another local agency where her passion for marketing grew. Lexy ultimately found her home Funk/Levis & Associates with 3+ years of marketing experience. She has a drive for helping clients bring their vision to life with her creative vision and uplifting personality. 

When she’s not at work, she loves to spend time with her fiance and their three very squash-faced cats, Gnocchi, Hobgoblin and Bonk. Additionally, she can be found performing in musicals, playing disc golf and hanging out with friends.

Lexy Neale’s True Colors

Lexy’s True Color standout is blue. Lexy’s blue stands out with her creative solutions and go-getter attitude. She brings fresh and fun ideas to the table which adds high energy to any project she works on. Her orange shines with her ability to listen and understand any task quickly. She exudes genuineness and empathy which is reflected in all of the work that she does. Gold and green round out Lexy’s colors with her organization skills and ability to think independently being her strengths. Lexy’s adaptability and fun personality make her a great addition to the Funkster team!