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InEugene Real Estate

InEugene Real Estate is a boutique brokerage servicing the communities of Eugene, Oregon. With deep roots in the community, their team offers an unmatched level of service to anyone looking to move to or within the Eugene area.

In 2022 InEugene made its own move to a wonderful new location within Eugene. The brokerage was after a welcoming sign that would not only catch the attention of those driving by but would give their staff a sense of pride as they walked past it and into the office each day.

The Funk/Levis team worked with InEugene to understand the goals for their new location’s signage. The feelings InEugene was hoping to illicit from both their brokers and prospective clients, made this project even more special to be part of. From the first mockups to the installation, and finally, the nighttime lights turning on, this sign truly added a beautiful landmark for the InEugene team.

“This company gets my highest endorsement. Caring intensely for the appearance of my branding, I went to Funk/Levis & Associates for business-sign design, fabrication and installation. My account manager, Gretchen Brillon, orchestrated the stages of a process from start to finish like a truly talented professional. She uses top-level communication, authentic care and talented understanding of the moving pieces. Signs are fairly permanent, and I SO wanted to feel like I’d made the right decision. I wanted to pull up to work every day feeling lifted by the product, not disappointed. I may have an unfairly critical eye, and it was almost like I’d only be satisfied with a perfect sign and perfect representation of my brand, which seems kind of unrealistic. How? How did they so exceed my expectations? The end product is amazing. Now, instead of sighing every day driving up to our offices, I feel like a million bucks! The sign absolutely, absolutely rocks. If you want to feel over-the-top gratified by the choice you made, give Gretchen Brillon at Funk/Levis & Associates a call. It’s a complete no-brainer.”

Ben Fogelson – Principle Broker