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City of Eugene


The Background

The City of Eugene hired Funk/Levis to create a campaign that would model and promote a more inclusive community. It was intended to be a positive campaign for a visual manifestation of anti-hate and anti-discrimination. The campaign goal was to empower citizens to be their authentic selves and make the vision of an inclusive community a reality.

The Challenge

Design and execute a campaign to be used throughout Eugene and Lane County to combat discrimination and model positive behaviors on behalf of the Equity & Community Consortium (ECC) partner agencies.

The Solution

Our team brought to life an engaging campaign that utilized words and images to model what the community should be and stand for. Each execution was a statement (e.g. BE WELCOMING, BE INCLUSIVE, etc.) paired with an image of local citizens exemplifying that expected behavior. These also functioned as templates for various government agencies to personalize for their own uses and community. The campaign was flexible enough to be used by a variety of stakeholders yet timeless enough to work for years to come. It is most consistently used by the City of Eugene’s Office of Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement and by Lane County Government.

The Results

The campaign was immediately implemented across print materials including posters placed in many of the Lane County and City of Eugene buildings, 500 lawn signs spread throughout the Eugene community and stickers given out at community events. The images and graphics for the campaign were used as social media profile photos and posted on social media channels and websites related to the City of Eugene. The campaign continues to be utilized today with images and designs being sent out to 400 people in a weekly newsletter and used by Equity and Community Consortium (ECC) partner agencies throughout Eugene and Springfield.