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Marketing Strategy

We are experts at reaching your target audience with the right message at the right time. We use an integrated strategy to ensure the best return on investment while working within your budget and timeline.

Understanding how to advertise and communicate across a variety of media channels is at the core of our work. We know how to pair extraordinary design and strategic media buying to get your messages in front of your target audiences. As a part of your team, we utilize proven tools to manage your marketing efforts and achieve the best results.


Our team starts every project by developing a strategy that articulates the purpose of the project. We work with you to identify the best methods to achieve your objectives and results. With a comprehensive plan and strategy, we will work to create your marketing materials and purchase media placements in the most effective locations.


We utilize an integrated strategy, which does not rely on one medium for communicating. Instead, it takes advantage of numerous platforms that deliver the same messaging through multiple channels to ensure consistency and build trust with the target audience. We develop and implement a plan to coordinate all of your communications and take advantage of the many benefits offered by an integrated strategy.


We have been creating outstanding design work since the founding of our agency. We believe that strong design brings the brand to life and drives your target audience to connect with you. We design across all mediums to make your brand stand out from the competition.


Funk/Levis works as a strategic partner to assist in the hiring needs of your organization. From writing enticing job descriptions to delivering candidates for final interviews, we handle everything in between. Whether you have one position to fill or are growing exponentially, we can be your go to team. Funk/Levis has a track record of quickly delivering successful candidates so you can effectively grow your team.

Sample Work

Lane Community College

Lane Community College, a client of Funk/Levis for more than three decades, entrusted our agency to provide comprehensive marketing services for its 2020 bond measure. This included leading both an information and advocacy campaign. Founded in 1964, Lane Community College is a pillar of our community. Our partnership with the college Read More