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How to Write a Blog

We’ve all sat down at a blank page and had a great idea for a blog and quickly been distracted by the phone ringing, lunchtime, or a meeting you must attend last minute. By the time you go back to your computer, you only have a working title and half an opening sentence. Finding the time to consistently write blogs and create content is a challenge for most teams. Here’s what we’ve found to be most helpful for turning that blank page into a consistent, high quality blog for your business or organization.

Time Management
Yes, time management. Establishing a routine that focuses on writing will help you stay consistent. Find the time when you feel most creative and treat it as non-negotiable time. Meaning, you do not work on other tasks or do anything else unrelated to your blog.

Take Notes
You never know when a great idea for a blog will hit. It might be when you’re at the store or walking your dog. When you’re on the go, utilize the notes app on your phone to jot down ideas on topics or interesting facts. This can help save time when you sit down to write your blog.

Choosing a Topic
When first starting a blog, topics will likely come easily to you. But as time goes on, topics may be harder to come up with or seem repetitive. A great way to keep topics fresh is to create a blog calendar whether you blog once a month, once a quarter, or in random intervals, a blog topic calendar is a great way to plan for the year ahead.

Give Readers Something
Remember that people from different walks of life will read your blog. No matter their background, make sure you include valuable content or actionable steps. Create a blog that aligns with your company’s mission that also can teach something to people with different perspectives. Your audience should walk away with something valuable after reading.

Edit at the End
Your first draft will not be perfect, that’s why it’s called a rough draft! Don’t worry about typos and perfect grammar in your first version, just get all your ideas down. Once you have the first draft completed, take a break from the blog and come back later with a fresh set of eyes, or have a colleague or friend review it.

Hire Help
Know when to ask for help! If your workload is too heavy to add another task, outsource your blog writing. There are so many people, companies, and services available to help you write creative, thought-provoking blogs.

Blogging is about knowing your audience and understanding their needs. If you’d like help developing consistent content, contact us today. At Funk/Levis & Associates, we are happy to help take blog writing and any other marketing needs off your hands.