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Full Service… At Your Service

What is a full-service agency?
A full-service marketing agency has the ability to handle all aspects of marketing: advertising, public relations, social media, strategic communications, digital marketing, creative planning and so much more. A full-service agency can collaborate with your internal marketing team or take over all aspects of your company’s marketing needs. Whether you need help on a project-based level or need a company that can do it all… a full-service agency can meet you where you are with the services you need. Funk/Levis & Associates is a full-service agency, ready to partner with you on your marketing needs to reach your goals.

Why is it a good idea to partner with a marketing agency?
A marketing agency is an extension of your own company. They become part of your marketing and communications team and are here to represent your company just as if they were an internal resource of your organization. Our agency is a team of professionals who work on behalf of your business ​​to ensure you’re reaching goals set in place each step of the way. Your company will be presented professionally because we want you to succeed just as much as you do. We like to say… We care about your brand as much as you do, sometimes even more! The Funk/Levis team uses our many years of combined experience to market your business in the most efficient manner possible. 

What can an external marketing agency do that your internal team cannot? 
While an internal marketing team has its benefits, it typically has a singular focus and a limited amount of experience and resources. A marketing agency has an enormous skillset with a wide range of experience. Due to the nature of a marketing agency, we have done just about anything you can think of in marketing and have a keen eye for knowing what works and what does not across various industries. Typically we can point you toward success right from the start and not waste time and money researching the best way to get results. In addition to our skillset, we have relationships with vendors that allow us to reach even further for your business when things need to go slightly outside of what we can offer within our agency.

What does partnering with a marketing agency do in the long run?
Leaving marketing to an agency gives your company’s team more time to focus on internal matters. Hiring an agency allows for a broader, more consultative approach to help develop strategies. A marketing agency can scale your business faster due to the nature of its experience in the industry and the resources on hand. In the long run, you will find a more successful return on your investment for every dollar you spend working with an agency.