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Fisherman’s Kitchen

Fisherman’s Market has been an institution in the Eugene culinary scene for over two decades. The fish restaurant and seller built a reputation as one of the best seafood establishments in the Pacific Northwest. With an ever expanding customer base and an appearance on the popular television show – Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, – Fisherman’s Kitchen owner Ryan Rodgers took his business on a new adventure when he launched Fisherman-s Kitchen. The online meal delivery website allowed Ryan to send his unique seafood dishes all over the country.

Our team worked to learn the history of Fisherman’s Kitchen as a business and the incredible journey that led Ryan and his family to start the meal delivery site. As we learned more about Ryan’s story, we knew that he and his family’s spirit of adventure and dedication to hard work would be the cornerstone of Fisherman’s Kitchen’s brand. From there, we began developing brand materials that reflected uniqueness that inspired their business. The materials we created included a new Fisherman’s Kitchen logo, updated packaging materials and website design recommendations.